We strive to enable a world built with sustainable bamboo.

As a bamboo specialist, we offer a range of high quality bamboo products that enhance the build process and uplift aesthetics in projects. Speak to us on specifications.

Raw Materials

  • Treated Bamboo poles
  • Split bamboo
  • Bamboo slats
  • Flattened bamboo mats (pelupuh)


  • Bamboo planks (Pinboo)
  • Nail-laminated Bamboo (NLB)

Pre-fabricated Systems

  • Mortar-filled Threaded Rod Joint

Engineered Bamboo

  • dassoXTR®
  • dassoCTECH®


We offer our expertise if you like to have bamboo incorporated in your building project. Reach out to us to get started!


As we grow from strength to strength, one bamboo at a time, we focus on the finer details in our leading designs, making us a sought-after partner.


Our curation comes to live as the bamboo construction takes place with care and attention to details, and an end product that’s worth talking about.