Building Bamboo for the Future

We specialise in bamboo as a sustainable solution towards creating a restoration economy and empowering rural communities in sustainable forest stewardship.

SEAD is committed to developing a truly sustainable bamboo supply chain in Malaysia.

From harvesting to treating and building with bamboo, our sustainable impact is seriously taken into consideration in every installation. Over the years, we have collaborated with partners to create a better environmental and social impact


Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world.

It takes up incredible amounts of carbon from the air as it matures.
Bamboo not only thrives on heavily degraded land, it’s actually good for the restoration of abandoned lands.

Who We Are

We are an environmentally-focused company specialising in the utilisation of bamboo as a sustainable solution for the built environment, land restoration
and community empowerment.

SEAD Build

A materials, design and build specialist in bamboo applications in the built environment to accelerate it towards a better sustainable future.

SEAD Plant

A bamboo supply chain facilitator focused on forest-community empowerment and bamboo solutions for the regeneration of degraded lands.

What We Do

Teja Luna

Tadom Groove Lounge

Serenity Bridge

Jari-jari Spa

Adeline’s Resthouse

Dignity Farm Academy Forest Classrooms

Changchun Culture & Ecology Park

Our Products

We are Malaysia’s sought-after provider in innovative bamboo applications for the building industry. Browse through our product range.

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